Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anti Zionist Symposium

HOMEHighlight of Sheikh Zakzaky's Speech during Anti Zionist Symposium held in Kaduna on 18th of May 2008

Malam started his brief speech by condoling those present on the occasion of the martyrdom of Sayyida Fatima(AS) who he said is the leader of the women of the universe, as the day of the program has coincided with the anniversary of her martyrdom. He went on to also condole those present on the 60th anniversary of the usurpation of the land, rights and life of our Palestinian brothers and sisters and from whence they have had no peace.
Turning on the papers and comments so far presented, he commended the speakers for a thought provoking presentation but begged to differ from some who kept on referring to Zionists as smart people. He said just because someone is so inhuman that he takes things from people by terrorizing them does not make him smarter than others. “The Zionists are just human beings without humanity. To them the end justify the means, they can do anything to get what they want. They don’t care for example, how many people they kill in their effort to deprive the Palestinians of their self determination. They could also produce drugs or vaccines that could kill children, test them as they did in Kano, and deploy them provided they could get what they want”.
Anti Zionist symposium in Kaduna
The revered Sheikh reminded the gathering of the enormous persecution meted on the Palestinians while the whole world watches on without anybody doing anything; not even their so called Arab brothers did anything as they are all under the control of their master, US. It took the intervention of late Imam Khomeini (QS) not long after the Islamic revolution for some true resistance to emerge. Malam said the Imam declared that Iran was duty bound to assist the oppressed people of Palestine in line with the instruction of Allah and the saying of the Rasool (SAWA) that whenever a Muslim in difficulty cried for help, any Muslim who heard his cry but refuse to help him is not among the Muslims. This led to the formation of Hezbollah and later Hamas, the two of which have not only become stumbling blocks to the Zionist devilish plans but also to the grand plan of the world arrogance personified by the West with US in leadership.
Sheikh Answering Questions from Newsmen
The sheikh also discountenanced the claim by some commentators that the lack of unity among the so called ‘Muslim leaders’ is to blame for the situation of the Palestinians. He said those under reference are nothing but stooges and ‘Karzais’ of the world arrogance, and they are indeed united in serving their masters. “Once they usurp a country and its resources, they find a ‘karzai’ as they did in Afghanistan or a ‘Ja’afarias they did in Iraq. When Ja’afari refused to serve them well, they removed him and put Maliki. Who knows whether they would soon remove him and find a ‘Shafi’i’ or a ‘Hanafi’ or even a ‘Hambali’?” he elaborated.
The leaders of the Muslims, Malam said are those that identify with their aspirations, and these too are united throughout from Iran to Lebanon to Palestine, Iraq, Africa and anywhere there is a true struggle between truth and falsehood.
Commenting on the noise going on in the international media about Iran, he said all of it has nothing to do with any nuclear weapons. It is just that Iran refuse to be under the influence of any anybody. They are the only truly independent country where the world arrogance has no say at all, and this is very painful to them.
Before concluding his brief speech, he asserted that Palestine can never belong to Israel. “What is not yours can never belong to you no matter how long you forcefully hold on to it, one day it must be librated and returned to its rightful owners”. This he said is Allah’s promise and it shall come to pass. “The purpose of the gathering is to show our solidarity with the Palestinians who are daily experiencing untold hardship and oppression never experienced before in History. It is our prayer that Allah in His infinite mercy would subdue these brutal and callous servants of His with His unmatched power. He is indeed more than able to do this and it is simple to Him, Malam concluded.