Friday, June 6, 2008

The peak of Corruption

In Nigeria if you wants to be in harmony with the so call "law of the land" as a Thief, all you need to do is to steal much, because you are only a legal thief if you can steal in hundred millions or better in billions Nairas or Dollars. A country where corruption rules from head to toes of all its systems, where you can see corruption moving itself uninterrupted but rather praise by its beneficiaries. This is country almost where nothing is working, don’t be carried way by what you see in our local medias or government-backed or owned Medias, as a matter of fact no any reasonable person will ever celebrate achivement of such a system whereby more than $4oo billion US dollar was stolen and yet all the know culprits are still moving freely. What will you call such a country? which after spending over $16 billion for it power project but end up creating more darkness for its masses, and no body is prosecuted.
This is Nigeria Men!! If you are a BIG thief, You can steal as much as you can and go free!!!!!!!!!