Monday, June 25, 2012


Four people were killed yesterday on their way to Kaduna from Abuja by yet-to-be identified armed christian youth at Kara Tudu near Gonin Gora in Chukun local government of Kaduna state. A reliable source, who doesn’t want to be named, told our correspondent that the people were travelling on motorbikes when they diverted from the highway and took a bush path. “Ten of them travelling on motorbikes took the bush path because they felt that the Gonin Gora axis of the road was not safe. It was at the bush, six met their untimely death. This is a confirmed incident because four have escaped with injuries and they are now receiving treatment,” the source said. When contacted, however, the Kaduna State Commissioner of police, Muhammad Jinjiri Abubakar, said it was four people that were killed and his prompt intervention saved one person. “The deceased took the bush path to avoid the traffic gridlock at a check point in the area, which is Kara Tudu. When the natives of the area saw them, they suspected them and killed four of them while we rescued one. Four motorbikes are missing. The deceased were travelling to their hometown when they met their death. “I am pleading with the chief of the area now to fish out the youths that murdered these people because it is the youths of the area that killed them. We hope the chief would cooperate so that justice can be done. The person that survived is helping us with information,” CP Abubakar said. The white paper on 2011 post election violence released recently by the Kaduna state government recommended extra vigilance by security personnel on Kara Tudu and Gonin Gora towns, which were identified among the flash points where innocent travelers are intercepted and hacked to death.